Wednesday, September 28, 2011


With the football season going on for a while now, I've decided I needed to shape up and get the rest of the football babies going. I've been working on the NFL teams first and I'm pretty much finished. College's next. Whew!
This guy is my favorite so far. Not because Cincinnati is my favorite team. To be honest, I have no clue about football. I like this design the most because of the stripes I've added to the ball to make it a little extra Bengal like:)
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Also, feel free to contact me for custom babies.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Have you ever wondered how I came up with Babies in Bellies? Well, they were for me. I wanted to be able to show off my unborn babies so much and I couldn't find anything online that matched what I envisioned so I drew it out myself. I mean I had already been trying for over 2 years and on prenatal vitamins for 3 at that time, it was bound to happen any day...

See, here's something that I haven't shared with too many people. I've been trying to get pregnant for a long, long time. If you're thinking that you're about to read a story that ends with a baby - you're wrong. Why am I coming out with this information then? Well, I've searched all over the internet and there are plenty of happy endings and lots of forum discussing the as you go failures and next steps, but almost nothing about those who said: "I've had enough" at some point and chose not to have their life centered around menstrual cycles anymore and came to terms with an idea of the childless future. So, I'm sharing here, something very personal, because I'm sure, I'm not the only one. There must be others. 

This was going to be my last year trying anyway, but with 3 months to spare and one final trick to go for (the IVF - the mighty procedure that would raise my chances to whooping 40%!!!), I'm saying: I'm done, I'm finished, no more. There will be no more people looking at and into my privates several times a month, there will no more hormones, hot flashes, mood swings and crying. Neither there will be any more shots that are also used to give to boys if their balls don't drop and that made my arm hurt for about 5 days.  But mainly there will be no more of the crazy unknown that maybe, hopefully, it'll happen this month...

 "It'll probably never happen for us" - I've said it several times in the past, but I never really believed it. I always thought that by some miracle it would happen, that yes I would get pregnant, even better yet, I would get pregnant with twins so that I can have 2 babies right away instead of 1. I never really thought that at some point I will have to realize and come to terms with the fact, that this is not what I want to do anymore. Because at this point I'm not"giving up", I am getting a life back.

So, as I'm throwing away the twenty or so remaining ovulation kits, I don't feel guilty or sad or even disappointed, I actually feel quite liberated. And so I sprinkle them with prenatal vitamins and to top it all off, I trow in the unused pregnancy test still in it's pink wrapping.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Haven't submitted to IF for a while now, even though I've been checking it out every week. This week's topic is "mesmerizing". I just finished this portrait today and I've always found Natalie Portman mesmerizing, so here you go, here's my submission.

Friday, September 16, 2011


As a small business owner, I struggle sometimes, or sometimes I struggle a lot. I read something pretty inspirational this week and would like to share it with you here. I've also chose some gorgeous etsy products to include as "graphics" in this post: 

1. Every cartoon that Charles Shultz (Peanuts creator), submitted to the yearbook staff at his high school was rejected.
Charlie Brown Centerpiece by inspirationtocreati

2. After Fred Astaire's first screen test, the memo from MGM, read: "Can't act. Can't sing. Slightly bald. Can dance a little". Astaire kept it over his fireplace in Beverly Hills. 
Fred Astaire pillow by CustomKingdom

3. Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas". Disney also went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland. In fact, the proposed park was rejected by the city of Anaheim, CA, on the grounds that it would only attract "riffraff.

Custom Watercolor Portrait by FeelingArtsyStudio (me)
4. Decca Records turned down a recording contract with the Beatles with the evaluation: "We don't like their sound. Guitar groups are on their way out".
Beatles Decal by VinylWallAccents
5. Thomas Edison's teacher said he was "too stupid to learn anything". He was fired from his first two jobs for being "nonproductive". As and inventor, Edison made over a 1,000 unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb. He didn't see it as a 1,000 failures though, instead he said that the light bulb was an invention with a 1,000 steps.
Light bulb moss terrarium by eGardenStudio
6. Albert Einstein did not speak until he was 4. His parents thought he was "subnormal" and one of his teachers described him as "mentally slow, unsociable and adrift forever in foolish dreams". He was expelled from school
Albert Einstein MePuppet by Sublimations
Imagine if these individuals had given up. Bad experiences can be viewed as positive in hindsight. They can be stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. So be determined to never give up!