Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I may have been slacking on my art lately but not on painting. I've been working on updating my bedroom and would like to share what's been done so far. My bedroom used to be cream with purple bed covers, purple picture frames and other decorations. I was ready for a change and it's been fairly inexpensive. I hope this post can inspire you to  think of updating your own space:)
I went with Sherwin Williams paint called Duration. It's fully washable which is a great advantage if you have pets and / or kids. I chose two colors: Tinsmith (the gray) and Slate Tile (the dark blue). All of the large walls were painted gray, and two small walls blue. After that I taped off parts of one of the walls with Frog Tape (the tape is not as good as advertised but it's better than the regular blue tape) and painted irregular blue stripes to add something funky to the decor. The stripes have also elongated the room and created the illusion of super high ceiling. Total cost of paint and painting supplies - about $200.

I also got new bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond and matching candles at IKEA for the total cost of about $150. And as you can see below I have hung one of my favorite paintings on the wall. 

On the other side of the window I hung some more artwork. The pictures below are not paintings, they are cross stitched. They were DMC kits (counted cross stitch) that I had done years ago and they just sat in the closet. I framed them myself. The frame shop will want to charge you over a $100 each for stretching, matting, etc. At any hobby shop, you can get mats for less than $5 each and frames for about $20-$50 depending how fancy you want to go. 

So, that's where I'm at right now. I still am planning on buying a low bookshelf for the window cove. (Ikea was out but they should have them early on in September). I'm also working on the framed wall art for above the bed as well as hunting for wall frames at thrift stores and goodwill that I'm going to strip and repaint with the leftover blue paint. All in all I'm planning on spending about another $150 to make the whole renovation cost less than $500. I will post again once finished...

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