Thursday, July 28, 2011


July's almost over. I'm still really busy at home planning the repainting and minor remodeling of our condo or at least some parts of it. On the list are: the staircase, master bedroom and bathroom and maybe, possibly, hopefully, if I still have the energy for it - the garage.
I'm pretty much OCD so it's challenging to live with a different routine and also in a disorganized or rather not organized as usual space. But it'll be all worth it when it's done. I'm starting as early as tomorrow with removal of the nasty, mold infested silicone in my tub:)
In the meantime, July and summer in general mean slow sales, which is actually good for me as far as being super busy as is, but not so good as far as trying to keep up with the budget. So, to "attract new crowds" I've been working on new tops featuring my Babies in Bellies. Here are two of my newest shirts: the pink v-neck and the mauve cap sleeve:

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