Thursday, July 28, 2011


July's almost over. I'm still really busy at home planning the repainting and minor remodeling of our condo or at least some parts of it. On the list are: the staircase, master bedroom and bathroom and maybe, possibly, hopefully, if I still have the energy for it - the garage.
I'm pretty much OCD so it's challenging to live with a different routine and also in a disorganized or rather not organized as usual space. But it'll be all worth it when it's done. I'm starting as early as tomorrow with removal of the nasty, mold infested silicone in my tub:)
In the meantime, July and summer in general mean slow sales, which is actually good for me as far as being super busy as is, but not so good as far as trying to keep up with the budget. So, to "attract new crowds" I've been working on new tops featuring my Babies in Bellies. Here are two of my newest shirts: the pink v-neck and the mauve cap sleeve:

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been really busy this month. My mom came down for the summer which is awesome but also nerve wrecking as far as trying to just stay on my usual schedule. In the midst of that, I'm planning on starting to remodel and repaint some things at home this summer and it's just crazy getting everything in line. Nevertheless, I'm still trying to spend every free second I got on my art and other business related activities. 
This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday I got up at 6 a.m. (ouch! really not my time of the day) and continued working on my painting of the Vogue cover featuring Lady Diana Spencer. Here it is. Still wet:)
She was such a gorgeous person inside and out and I really have been wanting to paint her for a long time now. This month, would have been her 50th birthday and the idea of that got me choked up and gave the extra motivation to just get on with it right away and finish as soon as possible. RIP Lady Di!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've gone missing for a month. I went on my European vacation - first to Krakow (my home land) and then to Amsterdam. It was absolutely wonderful being able to hang out in the old world among all of those wonderful old buildings, carvings and visiting local galleries and museums. And all of the street vendors and artist... wow!.. truly inspiring. I can watch them work for hours.

After I've gotten back it took me another week, just to unpack, get over the jet lag, clean the place up, get over the sickness etc., but I'm finally back at my desk working on new artwork. As always I'll be posting my work in progress on facebook.