Friday, June 10, 2011


I've been planning on approaching a local gallery for a while now and this afternoon went straight to the Duluth Art Gallery on my way home from work. It's a local business and it felt like the perfect place to start. Not so much. It actually is quite a bit of a strange place, a little too dark, musty, and dirty, but they have some wonderful paintings and also a couple of gorgeous mosaics and jewelry pieces, but nobody greets you when you come in and it doesn't seem like they try to make any sales. That's not bad, because I don't really like to pestered by sales people but that's also not good. I felt like I was there way too long (about 15 minutes) to be completely ignored. 
Once I had finally found somebody, they weren't too friendly at all and the moment I asked about showing my artwork to them (not selling it there, just trying to find out how they operated and if there's anybody I could show it to in order to be considered), I was told that they had a 300 person waiting list and that I should try again next year. (Really? and you still have empty space on the walls?) So, I asked if I could be put on the list. (Right? Why not?, This is my first time after all, not sure what to expect, I just want to stay calm and be polite, all in all I'm just a small business owner like you are). I was shoved a piece of lined paper with no instructions, so I wrote my name down and then asked if I should put my phone number down or email or what kind of information they were looking for. "Phone number's fine". OK. So I reached in my purse to get my leaflet out just to show an example of things I've done recently, but he didn't even look at it and instead said: "All of this will be considered at that time?". What time? when you look at my phone number and think that this is some real nice stuff?
I don't know, maybe I'm taking the whole thing way to personal, but it just felt wrong. Has any of you gone thru something like this before? I have some of The Glam Box items in a couple of stores around town - Working Girl Boutique and at the Hudgens Center for the Arts and have approached several other places in the last year but nobody has ever treated me like a I'm a piece of crap and pretty much kicked me out of their store like I was an insurance salesman that you get 3 times a day everyday. 
In the end, I wouldn't want to exhibit in an unfriendly place anyway. First of all, my artwork probably wouldn't sell and more importantly I would have to deal with those people every time something sold or everything I needed to bring a new piece in. 
I'm sure they will never call me. Heck, some people that actually loved my artwork (or acted like they did anyway), never called me. But I'm definitely not giving up. Live and learn is my final thought on that subject. 


  1. By the way, I did leave the gallery with a link to this blog. I hope you get to read it:) Please feel free to comment.

  2. hmm najbardziej nieprzyjemna sytuacja jaką miałam ..
    sklep ze sztuczną biżuterią :
    pokazuje moje wyroby ... Pani jest średnio zaintersowana ..
    pytam o możliwość na próbę zostawienia w komis?

    "wie Pani co to takie zawracanie dupy .."

    na to wchodzi klientka .. wszędzie lezą na ladzie moje kolczyki
    Pani kupiła 2 pary
    ja zabrałam się z całym majdanem i postanowiłąm jeszcze zajść do pobliskiej małej galeryjki, gdzie od razu przyjęto moje rzeczy
    do sklepów z biżuterią nawet nie zachodzę bo nie ma po co ..zawracanie dupy
    p.s. nie mam siły po ang tego napsiać
    a myśle że to zabawana historia, więc chciałąm się nią podzielić :P
    pozdrionka i buziaki
    p.s. dostałaś ode mnie maila, że doszły twoje cuda do mnie? - dziękuję !