Sunday, October 31, 2010


Even though, I'm not a football fan, after I've finished the Who Dat Baby in Belly, I thought I could do one that was holding a football. Like a little future football player. Or just a baby that was brought to the game while still in their mother's belly.
Here's what I've come up with:

And then, I just couldn't stop myself and started with the teams. I've got 2 down so far: LSU (I just love their colors plus my husband is a Cajun, so if I'm to choose any team, it'll have to be LSU) and Florida (I really like their colors too and when you live in Georgia like I do, there's a lot of Florida Gators around). Here they are: a future Tiger and a future Gator:

With the football season in full, I'm also thinking of going on with this theme and adding other teams. For now, I'm a little stuck and still trying to figure out how to use Georgia's colors. One of their colors is black and it just blends in with the outlines making the design look less crisp.

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