Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I joined Monday Artday!!! It is a blog of over 500 members. A challenge is given each Monday for the members to illustrate and they post their work on the blog. There's a weekly winner too. I'm really excited to be a part of Monday Artday community. I've been following that blog for a while now and they have some awesome artists posting over there.
They have 2 challenges going at a time. Right now they are: winter games and circus. Hmmm..... where do I start?


  1. Hi Kasia - I'm enjoying your blog and am a new follower!

    Welcome to MAD - it is a really fun group. My main weekly challenge is IF, but I love the themes at MAD and the two week time frame!

    Cheers! Susan

  2. Hi again Kasia - thanks so much for the reciprocal follow, I appreciate it!

    We're in Southbury, which is right in between Waterbury and Danbury off I-84, we're about an hour west of New Haven and about a half hour from the NY border. That's nice you used to live in Madison, I LOVE the shore towns! We've been to Lenny and Joe's Fishtale many times - love that place! Are you still in CT somewhere or did you move out of state?

    So nice to meet you, I'll be back again soon to visit!

  3. Nice meeting you too Susan and thanks for your sweet comments!

    Yes Lenny and Joe's and the Clam Castle and Chowder Pot and Anna Liffey's in New Haven mhmmmm... mhmmmm... mhmmmm..... CT is awesome! I miss it.

    I'm a Georgia Peach now living in the suburbs of Atlanta, yet to see a peach tree:)