Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year Everybody! It's 2010 already. Hard to believe. It's time for resolutions and new beggings. I'm sure the gym will be overcrowded for the next 2 months and then it'll go back to normal again. I'm not really big on resolutions, I usually go with whatever I decide to do any day of the year, however this year I did decide on something. It's more of a goal than a resolution and it's prety simple, I'm going to make everday an art day. I'm really excited about it. I won't necessarily finish a 30x40 piece everyday, but I'm going to do soemthing artsy everyday.
I actaully started off with a sketch today. Sorry that I won't share it but it's been a really rough day today. On the other hand, last night's party was great. Thanks Ewa!!! It made the all day hangover and headache worth it. Not really ready to do it again for another year or so though.:)
Have a wonderful year everybody. Hope all your dreams come true and that you can stick to all of your resolutions if you made any that is.

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