Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here's  my skinny. Last week when I signed up for IF, I've decided to submit every week. I feel like it's a good way to stay regular with being artsy.
It's a sketch done with watercolor pencils that I got a long time ago from my dear friend Aga. I haven't used them until now and I have to say that they are pretty cool to work with.
The sketch itself is not as elaborate as I was hoping but I'm a little time constrained this week and I wasn't about not do it all this week.:)


  1. this is going to be my special one :).I really like it!

  2. ahahah :D
    i was an accountant long time ago, i quit.
    Btw, is this Melman?

  3. This looks great - I love the pose you've chosen, and great use of colors. Hope to see more of you!

  4. I just looked up Melman. No, it's not him, I've not seen that show. It's just a giraffe.